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Cuda Driver Api Tutorial


or later Whitepaper Browse Files Sobol Quasirandom Number Generator This sample implements Sobol Quasirandom Sequence Generator. or later Browse Files Scalar Product This sample calculates scalar products of a given set of input vector pairs. Browse Files Interval Computing Interval arithmetic operators example. The specific point made with this example is that the following runtime CUDA call to kernel() works in the 3.0 release: kernel<<>>((float*)d_A,(float*) d_B,(float*) d_C, N); Use nvcc to build the executable navigate here

Kolmogorov, A. X By clicking Delete, all history, comments and attachments for this page will be deleted and cannot be restored. Adding “-numdevices=” to the command line option will cause the sample to use N devices (if available) for simulation. Ubuntu users might wish to follow one of the many available guides, such as the one at Web Upd8, to see how to install the latest released or beta drivers via

Cuda Runtime Api

The C host code generated by nvcc is based on the CUDA runtime , so applications that link to this code must use the CUDA runtime API. This sample uses the new CUDA 4.0 kernel launch Driver API. or later Browse Files Template using CUDA Runtime A trivial template project that can be used as a starting point to create new CUDA Runtime API projects.

or later Browse Files threadFenceReduction This sample shows how to perform a reduction operation on an array of values using the thread Fence intrinsic. void RandomInit(float* data, int n) { for (int i = 0; i < n; ++i) data[i] = rand() / (float)RAND_MAX; } void errorExit() { printf("Error exit!\n"); } // Host code int The following is the source code for a driver mode CUDA program that calls a kernel via the runtime API. Cudeviceprimaryctxretain Complexity vs.

or later Whitepaper Browse Files Line of Sight This sample is an implementation of a simple line-of-sight algorithm: Given a height map and a ray originating at some observation point, it Cuda Driver Api Vs Runtime Api Labels Books on CUDA (9) C program (2) Compilation (3) CUDA Advance (25) CUDA Basics (31) CUDA Function (1) CUDA Programming Concept (41) CUDA programs Level 1.1 (10) CUDA programs Level Requires Compute Capability 2.0 or higher and a Linux Operating System Browse Files CUDA Segmentation Tree Thrust Library This sample demonstrates an approach to the image segmentation trees construction. Browse Files Using Inline PTX A simple test application that demonstrates a new CUDA 4.0 ability to embed PTX in a CUDA kernel.

Globally defined macro changes numerical value Draw ASCII boxes in boxes How can I buy end-user bandwidth for my customers? Cuctxcreate Browse Files simpleHyperQ This sample demonstrates the use of CUDA streams for concurrent execution of several kernels on devices which provide HyperQ (SM 3.5). The driver API is also language-independent as it only deals with cubin objects. Formiga, 2012-06-04 */ #include #include #include #include #include "matSumKernel.h" // This will output the proper CUDA error strings // in the event that a CUDA host call

Cuda Driver Api Vs Runtime Api

The C++ source code concisely recreates the simplePBO example from Part 15 of this article series using C++ classes. http://cuda-programming.blogspot.com/2013/01/what-is-cuda-driver-api-and-cuda.html The runtime API is easier to use, but the driver API gives you more control over low level details. Cuda Runtime Api Here the context is lazily initiated by the cudaSetDevice call (note I incorrectly asserted that cudaSetDevice doesn't establish a context, but at least in CUDA 5 it appears to. Culaunchkernel Example My one year old and her mother are moving in with a man I've never met Why is the heart not in the middle of the body?

Ask Question up vote 2 down vote favorite I have a GUI application with a producer thread and an OpenGL thread, the OpenGL thread needs to call CUDA functions and the check over here While generally subefficient on large sequences compared to algorithms with better asymptotic algorithmic complexity (i.e. This sample requires devices with compute capability 3.5 or higher. Browse Files GrabCut with NPP CUDA Implementation of Rother et al. Cumoduleload

This sample requires devices with compute capability 2.0 or higher. Demonstrates C++ inheritance by deriving a new class from our C++ Mandelbrot example that uses programmable shaders created with Cg. (Please look to the extensive NVIDIA Cg homepage for more information). merge sort or radix sort), may be the algorithms of choice for sorting batches of short- to mid-sized (key, value) array pairs. http://mdportal.net/cuda-driver/cuda-drivers.html How do I actually create a context?

or later Browse Files Box Filter with NPP A NPP SDK sample that demonstrates how to use NPP FilterBox function to perform a Box Filter. Cuinit or later Browse Files Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient This sample implements a preconditioned conjugate gradient solver on GPU using CUBLAS and CUSPARSE library. This sample illustrates the usage of CUDA streams to achieve overlapping of kernel execution with data copies to and from the device.

There is no noticeable performance difference between the API's.

CodePlexProject Hosting for Open Source Software Register Sign In CUDA driver API home source code downloads documentation discussions issues people license Are you Sure? Browse Files Advanced Quicksort (CUDA Dynamic Parallelism) This sample demonstrates an advanced quicksort implemented using CUDA Dynamic Parallelism. Please put this into a file called vectorAddDrv.cu: /* * Driver APIC code that calls a runtime kernel * Vector addition: C = A + B. */ // Includes #include Cumoduleloaddataex The sample also takes advantage of CUDA 4.0 capability to supporting using a single CPU thread to control multiple GPUs or later Whitepaper Browse Files Mandelbrot This sample uses CUDA

Browse Files LU Decomposition (CUDA Dynamic Parallelism) This sample demonstrates LU Decomposition implemented using CUDA Dynamic Parallelism. Posted by Nitin Gupta at 19:28 | 0 comments CUDA runtime API The CUDA runtime makes it possible to compile and link your CUDA kernels into executable.This means that you don't or later Browse Files Simple OpenGL Simple program which demonstrates interoperability between CUDA and OpenGL. http://mdportal.net/cuda-driver/cuda-driver-api.html or later Browse Files CUDA Separable Convolution This sample implements a separable convolution filter of a 2D signal with a gaussian kernel.

This sample use double precision hardware if a GT200 class GPU is present. or later Browse Files Monte Carlo Estimation of Pi (batch QRNG) This sample uses Monte Carlo simulation for Estimation of Pi (using batch QRNG). Whitepaper Browse Files simpleDevLibCUBLAS GPU Device API Library Functions (CUDA Dynamic Parallelism) This sample implements a simple CUBLAS function calls that call GPU device API library running CUBLAS functions. Thanks to Mark Granger of NewTek who submitted this sample to the SDK!

This sample also uses the NVIDIA CURAND library. or later Browse Files CUDA Parallel Reduction A parallel sum reduction that computes the sum of a large arrays of values. Powered by Blogger. In a nutshell, in this article I discuss runtime and driver API compatibility, the new graphics interoperability API, C++ inheritance plus expanded functionality in CUBLAS and CUFFT.

In this example, CUFFT is used to compute the 1D-convolution of some signal with some filter by transforming both into frequency domain, multiplying them together, and transforming the signal back to or later Browse Files CUDA C 3D FDTD This sample applies a finite differences time domain progression stencil on a 3D surface. or later Whitepaper Browse Files CUDA Parallel Prefix Sum (Scan) This example demonstrates an efficient CUDA implementation of parallel prefix sum, also known as "scan". or later Browse Files simpleZeroCopy This sample illustrates how to use Zero MemCopy, kernels can read and write directly to pinned system memory.

Requires Compute Capability 1.1 or higher. Dr. What to do when you notice that a value in your paper is wrong, once it is accepted but before it is published? The program modifies vertex positions with CUDA and uses OpenGL to render the geometry.

It has been written for clarity of exposition to illustrate various CUDA programming principles, not with the goal of providing the most performant generic kernel for matrix multiplication. HTTPS Learn more about clone URLs Download ZIP Code Revisions 1 Stars 3 Forks 4 Vector addition example using CUDA driver API Raw drivertest.cpp /* * drivertest.cpp * Vector addition (host Kirk and Wen-mei W.Hwu 0 comments: Help us to improve our quality and become contributor to our blog Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Become a contributor Devices of compute capability 1.x will run the kernels sequentially.It also illustrates how to introduce dependencies between CUDA streams with the new cudaStreamWaitEvent function introduced in CUDA 3.2 or later